Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking

Give your Car Park the edge and maximise your returns with VIP Parking

Is your property in a location where on-street parking is difficult to find or restricted by short time limitations and changing conditions? Are you looking for new ways to provide your tenants with an extra level of service?

Give your property the edge and increase revenue opportunities by offering your tenants the ability to book parking on behalf of their guests with Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking. It’s the new online booking system from Secure Parking that can be managed from the convenience of your tenant’s desks.
With the Secure-a-Spot VIP online booking service, we can tailor-make a parking solution to meet your tenant’s guest parking requirements. Best of all you can offer them the security of being in complete control of their parking expenses through the VIP Parking Web Tool that can be personalised to match your brand.

Add your property’s Car Park to the Secure-a-Spot Network

If you want to offer the convenience of the Secure-a-Spot VIP service at your car park, for a minimal investment you’ll need to install the Secure-a-Spot equipment at the entry and exit and configure your car park into the Secure-a-Spot booking software. 

After an initial briefing session and site inspection we can have the Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking service set up and ready to go in your car park within 30 days.

Offer Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking to your tenants and they’ll get access to the VIP Parking Web Tool

When your tenants sign-up for Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking, they’ll be issued with a customised VIP Parking Web Tool that gives them access to a range of pre-booked parking products at your car park.

The Web Tool enables them to book parking in your car park for a specific date and time period. When the booking transaction has been completed they are able to send a personalised confirmation message via email to their client or guest.
The confirmation email includes a five-digit PIN number that will become their guest’s exclusive key to enter and exit the car park. And to eliminate any risk of fraud, the PIN Number can only be used once for each transaction.

What do your Clients do when they get to the car park?

When your client arrives at the car park, all they need to do is enter their unique Secure-a-Spot Access PIN Number at the orange Secure-a-Spot Touch Screens in the clearly marked Pre-Booking lanes at entry and they’re in business.

When they leave the car park all they have to do is re-enter their Secure-a-Spot Access PIN Number at the Touch Screen at the car park exit.

Providing you with VIP Support to match the VIP Parking Service

As part of the set-up process for all VIP Parking customers, a Secure Parking Representative will work with you to put together a VIP Parking package that meets your objectives and your tenant’s parking requirements.

We’ll also provide your tenants with training to ensure they hit the ground running with this extremely useful service, and they’ll also get access to a suite of reports that will assist them in managing their parking expenses.

Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking – The smartest way for your tenants to manage guest parking

When it comes to providing your tenants with convenient parking for visitors and guests, Secure-a-Spot is the smarter way to do business.

To find out how Secure-a-Spot VIP Parking can assist your business manage parking costs call 0845 600 6456

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